Over two decades ago, a young man dreamed of giving adventure travel a new definition in India. Adventure in India, then in its nascent stages, was considered the prerogative of daredevils and out of reach to the average person. He wanted soft adventure in India to be available to all and that too in a safe, sustainable manner. He pressed on till in 1990 he founded a company that walked his talk. That man was Ajeet Bajaj and the dream was Snow Leopard Adventures! Still carrying on dreaming big, Ajeet Bajaj went on to become an acclaimed name in the adventure world and Snow Leopard Adventures went on to become a national leader in adventure tourism. Snow Leopard Adventures is the first ISO: 9000 Certified Company in its field and we are proud to have introduced countless adventure seekers to the adrenaline-rush of the outdoors through our school, corporate and family programmes.

Snow Leopard Adventures,The name

It was while trekking in the Indian Himalayas that Ajeet Bajaj managed to get a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard. It must have been the euphoria of that incredible experience that persuaded him to name the company after the snow leopard and to create outdoor experiences as rare and exceptional as the magnificent cat with a remarkably long tail. More than two decades on, Snow Leopard Adventures continues to create memorable experiences for its guests that are as extraordinary as the snow leopard…

Snow Leopard Adventures,The experience

The Snow Leopard Experience is a combination of 4 “S” elements that drive our operation namely Safety, Skilled team, Sustainability and Service. Be it river rafting on the Ganga, trekking in the Himalayas, mountain biking in Garhwal, sea kayaking  tours in Kerala or Trans-Himalayan jeep safaris, meticulous planning, tremendous emphasis on safety, ecological sensibility and personalised service form the foundation of each of our trips. Our 150-member Snow Leopard Adventures Team, comprising experienced administrators,  rafters, kayakers, climbers and naturalists, is one of the most professional and efficient teams to provide soft adventure in India.

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